Monday, September 8, 2014

Last days of Summer

Here's a quickie recap of my summer:

I flew back home to NY to surprise my best friend for her 30th bday and turned up in Philly for Made in America.  I was out there for two weeks but it seems like such a blur.

Day One of MIA: Hands down the best performer that day was J.Cole

Day Two of MIA: We were forced to evacuate the park because a storm had moved into the area but on the way back to the hotel we saw everyone jumping into this fountain so… When in Philly…

The festival opened back up later that night so I got to see Pharrell but I left my camera in the room unfortunately.  So good.

(I said it was a quickie)

In a couple of days I'm off to Vegas for a friend's wedding.  Hopefully I'll be a lot better at taking pictures during my time there.  Can't call this a lifestyle blog if I'm not gonna truly document my life, right?

til then...

Monday, July 14, 2014


New start… new blog.

I'm a New Yorker tried and true. My husband was able to pull me away from my beloved home and we went all the way to California.  But after a year away and realizing that I didn't want to start a family so far away from our families, we're back on the east coast and starting to settle in our new home in Charlotte, NC.

I love the South and I'm excited about what the future is going to bring. What better way to document things than through blogging.

La vie I chose is me. The life I've decided to live and now document. 

Join me, won't you?