Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Faux Loc Love

I'm a natural hair stalker. 
I can look at pictures of kinks, curls, coils for hours.

Lately I've been fascinated by locs, both real and fake (or faux… such a pretty way to say fake)
And since I was contemplating a protective style I decided that I should try some faux locs.  
Now if you're like me and you've seen all the YouTube videos, you know how daunting it looks to do it yourself. I expected it to take 2 or 3 days but surprisingly I got it done in 11 hours all in one sitting.  I attribute that to the size and length that I made them. They look just like I imagined and I couldn't be happier.    
Well there's one minor issue… they are  HEAVY.   You have to remember each loc has approximately 4-5 strands of hair to make it up. So the weight adds up quickly. That's a major reason why I made them  larger.

My plan was to record a tutorial of my install but my battery died on me.  So after ordering a spare battery  to make sure this wouldn't happen again, I'll probably make a short video about maintenance and an overall review of the style.

Honestly I probably will only have them in for a few weeks and then install some twists with the remaining cuban twist hair that I have

Here's a picture I took before going out to dinner a couple of days ago.

Cape: Asos; similar/ Shirt: H&M; similar/ Jeans: H&M/