Sunday, February 8, 2015

Office Space

In order for me to take my blogging seriously this time around I realized that I need to work in the right space.  Last time I blogged from my bedroom in my parent's house and barely got anything accomplished, mainly because I wasn't comfortable  sharing the fact that I wanted to blog.   Fast forward to now, I'm a homeowner and our biggest focus is setting up our household.  We're creating a his and hers office so that I can focus on my blog and produce quality content.  It's in the beginning stages but I'm excited to see the transformation.  Since this is a lifestyle blog and this DIY is a major part of my life it's only right that I share how our project is going.

Right now we've gotten a fair amount done. Our theme is gold and rustic furniture; with pastel blue, green and pink on my side and navy on his.  

This is my staging table. I want to display products I buy here. In my mind I knew I wanted a lucite table but didn't want to shell out a lot of money because my taste changes so often. Then I remembered this DIY I saw on Miss Kris Turner's YouTube page.

 Problem solved and money saved.

My side.

The view from the doorway.

His side.

We still have some work to do (a couple rugs and more storage) but right now it's pretty functional. In fact, I'm writing this post at my desk for the first time. Next step is filming my first YouTube video.

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